Premium Atlanta Colocation

Colocation in Atlanta is a growing industry, with many businesses choosing to house their data and IT equipment in secure, third-party facilities. The advantages of colocation include increased security, improved network connectivity, and reduced costs compared to building and maintaining an in-house data center. To meet the growing demand for colocation services in Atlanta, a … Read more »

Easy WordPress Hosting

Due to the extreme popularity of the WordPress blog software, we are now offering to install a copy of WordPress for free for any new account signup. Any new customer of any of our shared or reseller hosting plans can request WordPress to be installed free of charge. This offer also applies to our blog … Read more »

IPS Explained

Building on the previous post about our IPS (Intrusion Protection System), people are curious to know how the devices work and how they make hosting no ads We’ll start with a few random example attacks logged by one of our IPS devices: 06/25/2006 14:07:42 Gateway Anti-Virus Alert: Netsky.P#fsg (Worm) blocked 06/25/2006 13:35:53 SYN flood … Read more »